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Poizunus sporting a metallic mic(saver) t-shirt

Image by Michael C. Palma | I & Eye Photography

When did you start beatboxing?

I'm guessing here, but I'd say between 10 and 13 yrs old. I remember always wanting to hear new tunes on the radio or even TV. On P.A. days (basically a day off school here in Canada) I'd sit in front of MuchMusic all day watching music videos and when I got in trouble for watching too much TV I'd listen to the radio and dribble my basketball in the basement.

I'd always try to record the top 10 ten count downs on 93.7 FM and if I couldn't get a full song I'd record the music video on tape and then record the audio onto cassette so I could hear it anywhere.

I think it was just my early love for good beats and my desire to always want to hear them that eventually turned into me wanting to make them.

I like battling, but I love performing.

What was the first cover you learned?

As far as I can remember it would have to be "Breathe and Stop" by Q-Tip and J Dilla. I actually stopped doing that 'cause I didn't like how it sounded on a mic. Then recently I revamped it and now I do it almost all the time.

Do you have a signature sound or a favorite routine?

Signature sounds I would say are my bass, this old school snare that I drop and my scratches. In terms of routines, I love mixing; like pretending to mix my beats and beat juggle, etc. on stage.

Did you have a beatbox mentor?

Growing up I didn't really have a mentor. I always looked up to guys like Rahzel, Kela, and Scratch, but never had anybody to teach or guide me.

Poizunus sporting a microphon(e)ism t-shirt

Who is your favorite beatboxer at the moment?

Kela is hands down my favorite beatboxer at the moment. His style is so original and he is very versatile with his beats and sfx. I don't think there is anyone else doing it as big as he is right now.

Do you have a fond beatbox memory?

I would have to say meeting Killa Kela and DJ Craze in Miami; then getting to play live with them at World of Drum and Bass.

Which genres of music does your style fall into?

I like to be able to do all types of genres. If I'm doing a long set I like to switch between hip-hop, drum & bass, reggae and soca, but I mainly beatbox hip-hop beats.

What do you think of battling?

Battling to me is like a sport. You're either fit for it or not. I like battling, but I love performing. One of the things about battling is that it takes us beatboxers away from just making music. Aside from that I think some of the younger generation is a little confused when it comes to battling vs. performing.

I just recently took 1st place at Scribble Jam 2007.

Where was your first public battle?

On a show called M-O-D here in Canada on MuchMusic.

Have you been in any other competitions or battles?

Yeah, I've been in the Hip-Hop World Challenge out in Germany, the 604 Hip-Hop Clash in Vancouver and last but not least Scribble Jam.

Do you hold any titles?

Yeah, I'm the 604 Hip Hop Clash Champion for 2006 and I just recently took 1st place at Scribble Jam 2007.

Where was your first performance?

My first performance was in my friend's backyard for a keg party. It was funny 'cause I knew most of the people there, but I was still very nervous. I remember dropping some Kela and Rahzel covers mixed in with my own beats. That was a crazy experience.

What kind of situation do you enjoy performing in most?

I love big crowds. When you're doing your thing and the crowd is feeling it, you feed off their response. I find it makes my performance that much better. When they get hype, I get hype and in that situation there's nothing more you can ask for.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

JUST KEEP GOING! 90% of the time when I make a mistake the crowd doesn't notice anyway, so it's all good.

Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

I'd say more so before a competition, or when I perform new material.

What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Best advice would be to breathe. Take deep breaths. The last thing you wanna do is go on stage and not be able to breath properly during your beats.

Do you like to session with other beatboxers?

I love sessioning with other beatboxers. As long as each person carries a part of the beat, it's on time and there're no spotlight hoggers; I can jam all night. I just recently started doing shows with this beatbox crew, Sick.Sound.Syndrome, from Toronto. Those guys know what good sessions and team beatboxing are all about.

I can jam all night.

Have you taught beatboxing?

I haven't yet, but would love to start doing work shops, etc.

Have you appeared on any releases?

I've recently appeared on Kardinal Offishall's newest mixtape, Offishall Badman Bizness, and X-Clan's Robots of Dawn, both mixed by the infamous DJ Chong Wizard from Vancouver. You can grab a copy through www.poizunuslive.com or www.mixunit.com.

Do you have a website where people can check out your skills?

Yes, most definitely. You can check me out at www.poizunus.com, www.poizunuslive.com or www.myspace.com/poizun.

Have you got any shows coming up where people can catch you live or any projects on the horizon that people should watch out for?

Poizunus sporting a metallic mic(saver) t-shirt

Image by Michael C. Palma | I & Eye Photography

I got this new thing I'm about to roll out called "poizunusLive". It's basically a live streaming TV show of me either freestyle beatboxing solo or with MCs. Making beats with my new MPC, or me doing random sfx to people on the street. I've never seen anybody else doing that, so I'm really excited to get that going.

Also, my new CD/EP is coming out in the winter. Keep an eye out for that.

As for shows, check www.poizunuslive.com and www.myspace.com/poizun for info on that.

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