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When and why did you start beatboxing?

In 1984. It was dope...the concept of it.

What was the first routine you learned? Do you have a favorite?

The Fat Boys "Stick 'em" and no, I like them all.

Do you have a signature sound or routine?

Fast drum rolls and "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club.

Did you have a beatbox mentor?

Yes. This guy I knew back in High school. His name was Sha Sha. At that time he was better than Ready Rock C.

Which other beatboxers have you learned from?

Doug E. Fresh, Ready Rock C. (although not personally).

Everything I do always reverts back to hip hop.

Which beatboxers do you admire or are your favorites?

Scratch and Kela. They both have a unique sound.

Is there anyone you'd love to work with?

Bobby McFerrin.

Do you have a fond beatbox memory?

Yeah. I was opening for KRS-1 back in 1990 in Compton and when I stepped on stage, the people started booing me before I even made a sound. As soon as I hit my routine I had them all head noddin' and cheerin' for more.

Are you influenced by old music?

I'm influenced by old music (jazz, soul, latin folk, et cetera), but more for the production end. I love to replicate old beats when I beatbox, but I'm not influenced by them to beatbox.

Which genres of music does your style fall into?

Everything I do always reverts back to hip hop. Even if a song that I replicate is soul or R&B. The act or emotion of the human beatbox (in regards to myself) is always hip hop.

My very first battle was back in the 9th grade. I think I won...

What do you think of battling?

Well before I was a Christian I felt battling was a great tool for improving your craft. I still think it is, to an extent. If you battle to be known as the best and you want that glory and the braggin' rights, then I don't condone battling. If you battle and can keep the humbleness after you are declared "The Best" and you can give the acknowledgement and the Glory to God, then I feel that your perspective and your heart are in the proper worshipping place.

I understand that there are people of different faiths or no faith at all and that many may not totally understand where I'm coming from. I am speaking directly from my experiences with the world and with my spiritual experiences. For me, the spirit should always dominate the flesh.

Click88 sporting an IBA t-shirt

Have you been in any battles? When was your first?

My very first battle was back in the 9th grade. I think I won!? But I haven't battled in years. Actually I did enter a battle about 2 years ago. I lost in the second round. It didn't bother me because there were different scanarios that contributed to the outcome. At the same time, I really had no business being in that battle. I've achieved things in my career that were due me at that time and I understand my place in hip hop/beatboxing. It's the next generation's turn. Not that I shouldn't be participating in hip hop, as far as releasing material, I just understand where my place is.

Do you hold any titles?

Like "Beatbox Champion of the World"? Nah, that's Rahzel. [laughs]

Where was your first performance?

At a party that some dance promoter kids were throwing. The year was 1985.

What kind of performances have you been doing recently?

Your average hip hop events/concerts. Sometimes large ones and sometimes smaller venues like a record store where they have open mic sessions where MCs can perform to get better at their craft. I've also been doin' quite a bit of churches lately.

...I enjoy going back to the beginning stages of hip hop development.

..."returning to your roots" to bless the up and coming.

What kind of situation do you enjoy performing in most?

The pay is obviously better in large venues/concerts, but I enjoy going back to the beginning stages of hip hop development. Those are critical times when an MC, beatbox, b-boy, DJ and graff artist who is just beginning needs to see the presence of a somewhat successful artist for motivation, for advice and even as an example of "returning to your roots" to bless the up and coming.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

I just improvise and be myself. If it's a small mistake, people probably didn't catch it so I just keep on going. If it's a big mistake that people caught, I just maintain/improvise, be myself and let my personallity carry me through it. I've done so many shows that it's pretty much second nature to me now.

Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

Yeah, I still get bugs now and then. Not as bad as when I first started but I still get them.

What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Small events are for this purpose. Just do your thing. You may bomb out or you may blow up the spot. In either case, this will more than likely not be your last show. The more shows you do, the more comfortable you will become. Understand that you will make mistakes but it's OK. That's a part of learning. In a sense, the more mistakes you make, the more you'll learn. Don't try to get large before your time. It'll kill you in the long run.

Do you like to session with other beatboxers?

Very rarely. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that no one used to want me to be a part of their sessions. I was always the outcast. It might have been 'cause I was never into what they were into. Drugs, arrogance, etc? I never felt comfortable braggin' or acting like I was doper than anyone else, even when I was doing it.

What makes a good session?

I think what would make a good session is complimenting and learning from the artist that you're sessioning with. Learn how to be more musical than just sounding like 2-5 guys rocking a beat.

...my practing happens while I'm in the shower. The sound is dope in there!

Do you think it's necessary to practice?

It's definitely necessary to practice. The more you practice, the better you will become. I do practice but not as much as I used to. Most of my practing happens while I'm in the shower. The sound is dope in there! I practice about 2 weeks before a show to make sure my breathing is good and to make any adjustments I need as far as sound reproduction. I beatbox everyday though because it's like breathing to me but I don't actually consciously practice like I should.

I beatbox everyday...
...it's like breathing to me

What do you practice - exercises, new sounds, new routines, et cetera?

Yeah, all of those things.

How do you balance your beatboxing with other obligations?

Well I know what my priorities are. 1) God, 2) family, 3) career. For example, if my son has a football game and on that same day/time I am to receive a Grammy or some sort of award for my accomplishments in music, I will choose to be at my sons game. A child needs to see the presence and support of his parents in anything he does. It's crucial to how they will parent their own kids. Most people say their priorities are God, family, career, but if you look at their lives it's evident that it's not in that order at all.

When it comes to God being my first priority, this revolves around how I'm living my life. Am I obeying his word? Am I behaving like a child of God? Can people tell that I'm a Christian by my conduct?

What set-up do you use?

Mic and turntables if I have a DJ. Mic and a CD player if I have no DJ.

What do you prefer: acoustic or mic-ed?


Have you appeared on any releases?

I've already released 2 albums: "This Iz How I Know" and "Square Won". I've also appeared on Styles of Beyond's "2000 Fold" and L.L Cool J's "M.I.S.S.I" (bonus track on the "G.O.A.T" LP where my beatbox was sampled). My beatbox was also used in "8 Mile" and I was in a film called "She's All That". I am in the deleted scenes of a film called "Malibu's Most Wanted" (Free Rap), too. My albums can be bought directly through me. Send any inquiries to: SupahLatin@msn.com.

Do you have a website where people can check out your skills?

Not yet but it's coming very soon.

Click88 sporting an IBA t-shirt

Are there any new Click88 projects coming up soon?

My new album "CONTACT" will be released September 2005. I've also started a label with some partners. The label is called G-Boy Entertainment (G-Boy = God Boy). My new album will be released on this label. I'm also part of a crew called G-Boy Union. It consists of four members: Tripll-H, L Brown, D- Anonamous, and myself (under the name Click88).

Any shout outs?

God first. My family (Tha Supah Latin Crew), of course everyone @ mic(ism), GBE (G-Boy Entertainment), GBU (G -Boy Union). Brrnngg...Btrrrtttccccccc! That's beatbox for all the Heads! Peace and God Bless.

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