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Beatboxing since: 2004

Gigging since: 2004
Performed with: Dynamical Tongues Crew, DJ Critikal, Allsip, Penny, Teele Viira, Wheely, DJ Slam, Noizmakaz, DJ Möls and Tommyboy.
Collaborated with: Killa Kela, Future Prophecies, Vortex Involute, Tommyboy, Noizmakaz, DJ Critikal, DJ Smokey, Sentenz, Wheely, Bennex, Teele Viira and many more...
Further comments: Rey's snappy beats and proficient vocal drumming elevate his live performances above the ordinary. These skills also helped him to win the unofficial 2006 Estonian Beatbox Battle and come 2nd place in the official battle the same year.
Artist rider: Two Shure Beta 58A mics.
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