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Beatboxing since: 2004

Gigging since: 2005
Performed with: Orifice Vulgatron, La Otra Parte, Jazz&J, Geronación, Welelo, Huellas de Barro and Almargen.
Collaborated with: XXL Produkziones and SuReal Crew.
Supported: Q-Unique, Jazz&J, Nomah, SFDK, Solo los Solo, Toteking, Falsalarma, Nach, Rapsusklei, Huellas de Barro and Almargen.
Further comments: MarkoOz is a member of the Sonorosapiens beatbox crew and co-founder of the first and only online Spanish beatbox community, He was the first non-official Spanish beatbox champion and went on to become a co-organizer and jury member of the event in its second year. MarkoOz is also the head of BeatboxBattle Networks’ Spanish Chapter.
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