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Beatboxing since: 2003

Gigging since: 2004
Performed with: Jin tha MC (Ruff Ryders), Typical Cats (Freestyle Sessions), Mr. Dibbs (1200 Hobos, Atmosphere), QBert (Thud Rumble) and Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys).
Collaborated with: DJ QBert (Thud Rumble), Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), The Cankles and Generik (pro beatboxer from San Diego).
Further comments: Jam One is able to motivate and move a crowd with ease, as well as having knowledge of sound boarding and such systems. He has also performed at numerous car shows, Hennessy Urban Movida, Pepsi Urban Life and on Fox News (Chicago).
Artist rider: A decent microphone (preferably a Shure SM58 or Beta 58A) and a sound system capable of handling sufficient bass.
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