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  United Kingdom

Beatboxing since: 2003

Gigging since: 2003
Performed with: TyTe, yasSon, Greenjade, Shlomo, A-Plus, LA Symphony, Foreign Beggars, Skinnyman and The Austin Francis Connection.
Supported: Scratch, Killa Kela, DJ Yoda, Ugly Duckling, Black Twang, Rodney P & Skitz, Cutmaster Swift, Ghost & Kashmere, Jehst, Asaviour & IQ, Shameless, Giant Panda, Zulu Nation (Planet Hop), La Symphony and Nizlopi.
Further comments: Hobbit is the sub-editor of and the co-organizer of Make Some Noise. He has also released his own DVD, Do the Beatbox, and is sponsored by mic(ism). In 2007, Hobbit became sponsored by top mic manufacturer, Audix USA, who was joined in 2008 by music solution specialist, Ableton.
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