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Boris FX

  United Kingdom

Beatboxing since: 2004

Gigging since: 2005
Performed with: The Mix (his own band), Foz, Dr Badfunk, Bellatrix, Stig of the Dump,
The Jacks and Northern Dialect.
Collaborated with: Archangel, Mikee Shift, Adika, Aems, Marv-ill and Drew Walker.
Supported: DJ Yoda, Foreign Beggars, Plan B, Skinnyman, Mista Jam, James Hyman, Adika and Smoove.
Further comments: Boris FX is one of the most original beatboxers on the scene, a moderator on the world's biggest beatboxing site and has made several TV appearances, including starring in a Suzuki car commercial.
Artist rider: Plenty of bottled water, a good quality sound system (the louder the better) and a professional sound engineer.
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