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Beatboxing since: 1988

Gigging since: 1993
Performed with: Bina & Zlep, Saļan Supa Crew, Killa Kela, BoxStyle Bern, Curse, Torch, Blumentopf and Guano Apes.
Collaborated with: Function (US), Immo, Ferris MC, Spax, DendeMann, O-Ton and many more.
Supported: Redman & Method Man, Delinquent Habits, Scratch, Emil Bulls and many more.
Further comments: beatbox ELIOT is the grandpa of German beatbox and initiator of the world's very first major label beatbox compilation. He also features prominently on The Undead's rotten beatbox spits project.
Artist rider: Technical rider will be sent after initial contact.
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