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  United Kingdom

Beatboxing since: 2006

Gigging since: 2006
Performed with: Marv-ill, Sahara, Arthur, Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra, Zani, Jes*, Sharron Levy, David J, Nathan, Snakeyman and Stig of the Dump.
Collaborated with: Zani, Jes*, yasSon, Hobbit, Experimental, Ekko, Daq, Boris FX and David J.
Supported: Sahara (orchestral quartet), Nathan, Chipmunk, Kasha, Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee, Stevie Hoang and Blemish Blackstorm.
Further comments: As well as being a solid and original solo artist, Azeem often collaborates and performs with others. He is a great improviser and often incorporates other elements (eg. panpipes) into his beatboxing sets and routines.
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