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Addy P

Addy P

  W. Sussex (nr Brighton)
  United Kingdom

Beatboxing since: 2004

Gigging since: 2005
Performed with: Nu Sense, Poizunus, Serum, Each, Beardyman, MC Tempo, Phonetic Halo, Alex (local guitar player) and Hoop 118.
Collaborated with: MC Tempo, Alex (local guitar player), Phonetic Halo & his drummer.
Supported: The Illuminati 3, Dwell and Kappa Mandate.
Further comments: This enthusiastic showman can often be seen beatboxing through a didgeridoo or harmonica at numerous local shows. Addy P also recently wowed the audience at the 2005 All Elements Battle Jam in Brighton, UK.
Artist rider: A Shure SM58 or Beta 58A (can bring own mic if required) plus plenty of drinking water on stage.
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