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With all these beatbox shows, you are really spoiling us!

First of all, a last minute heads up on two amazing shows going down tomorrow, October 14th; one on each side of the Atlantic.

In London, beatboxer Mr Mouth will be serving up a beatbox set at The All City Show, along with performances from Klashnekoff, Sway and Skinnyman, as well as a host of d'n'b artists.  It's gonna be heavy, so get your advance tickets by calling 0870 060 0100 or visiting the TicketWeb site.

Five hours behind in NYC, Open Thought Productions will be putting on their first public performance since Baba returned from his tour of Holland and Belgium.

The Late Night Groove Series at the Blue Note is all about beatbox jazz fusion; the art of beatbox lovingly combined with a nu jazz swing.  Led by Baba Israel and Kid Lucky, the show will include performances from Yako, Taylor McFerrin, D-Cross and Chesney Snow, as well as New York's own pianist-composer Jason Lindner, drummer Tony Escapa and trumpeter Avishai Cohen.

Expect a live blend of jazz, funk, hip hop, vocal beats and scratches, along with every possible permutation and combination of these incredible performers.

Admission is $8 and the fun starts at 12:30am.  More details can be found by visiting the Blue Note or Open Thought Music sites.

"Oh, Ambassador! With all these beatbox shows, you are really spoiling us!" Yeah, you know it.  The following days' beatbox entertainment is being taken care of by Adam Matta, bringing a dope show to a spot near you:

  • Adam Matta, October 15th, DUMBO Arts Festival, TBA
  • SXIP!MATTA ,October 16th, Galapagos
  • Abby Dobson w/Adam Matta, October 19th, SOB's
  • SXIP!MATTA, October 22nd, TBA
  • SXIP!MATTA, November 27th, Satalla

Keep an eye on Adam's site for breaking news of those TBAs.

It just keeps on keeping on! On October 18th, Beatboxer Entertainment presents the second installment of Make the Music with Your Mouth at the Nuyorican Poets' Café.

If you missed round one, then you missed a duet from Scratch and Kenny Muhammad (!), as well as mic rocking from Masai Electro, Midi, Nu Voices and Adam Matta. Don't make the same mistake twice and make sure you reach for the next episode.

As always, the night will be kept rolling by the Beatbox Entertainment house band, Nu Voices.  This is an almost all human beatbox orchestra, consisting of Chesney Snow, Yako, D-Cross, Kid Lucky, Alex, TJ, Shockwave, RAHJ, Adam Matta, Citizen One and Marya Lawrence.  All of whom will be directed and conducted by Terry "Kid Lucky" Lewis.

This night's special guests include emcees from Say Word Entertainment (Hired Gun, Rabbi Darkside and Farbeon of 3rd Party), Taylor McFerrin and the NYC debut of dub emcee, beatboxer and Portland resident, NicoLuminous!

Doors open at 9pm and entrance is $10, or $7 a head for groups of 5 or more. For more info visit the Nuyorican Poets' Café's site or contact Terry Lewis.

If you're still just a lover of beatbox and not yet an actual beatboxer, then get on down to The Sylvan Beach Café in Baltimore on October 30th, where Shodekeh will be presenting a human beatbox workshop.

Usually their resident Sunday night beatboxer, this day he'll be covering the history of the art form, how to create a range of sounds, breathing techniques and how to make the ladies squirm in their seats by producing beats vocally.  (Although for the ladies in attendance, we're sure the techniques work on men, too.)

For more information, contact Shodekeh.

If you're under house arrest (you know who you are!), all is not quite lost.  Tune in to Krib.TV every Friday from 6pm to 7pm (Eastern Time) for the genius stylings of The Verbal Beats Show.  Brought to you by Jase and Name Brand, this is one of the funniest things we've ever seen.  Totally improvised with weird and wonderful special guests dropping by, this has to be seen.  Nothing we can say can do it justice.

Jase has also extended an invitation to any beatboxers passing through Miami Beach, Florida to get in touch, as they'd love to have you on the show, doing your thing while they do theirs.

Also, if you haven't already checked out the audio collective that is Verbal Beats, do so today.

Lastly, Brian Michaels would like you to send him CDs of your vp and beatbox to play on his radio show, The A Cappella Hour. The program started back in October of 1997 with just 29 CDs and has now grown into a weekly show with over 1500 CDs.

The A Cappella Hour can be heard every week on Star 103.9FM in Fargo, ND. Unfortunately, it isn't currently being broadcast online, but you can still check out the show's website for further details.

Brian loves to play beatbox on his show, so please do send him some of your music. The address to send CDs is:

Brian Michaels
The A Cappella Hour
PO Box 2942
Fargo, ND 58108-2942

www.micism.com www.micism.com/iba www.micism.com/store/

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