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Tournament (x1), tours (x2) and tracks (x13)

Foreign Beggars, Leeds (UK) If you haven't already caught beatboxer Shlomo and his group of Foreign Beggars on tour around the UK, then you've got another 15 or so opportunities left to do so.  Tour dates can be found here and you can email them here for more information.

If for whatever reason you can't make it to any of the gigs, pick up a copy of their latest 12" EP, Crypt Drawl, here.

Human Beatbox Tournament, Manchester (UK) Utilizing his superhuman breath control powers, Shlo has managed to squeeze another beatbox battle into his busy touring schedule.  This one will happen on Saturday March 5th at The Zoo in Manchester, UK.  For more info or to enter the tournament, call +44 (0) 845 404 9535.

Helping Shlo judge the competition will be HumanBeatbox.com founder A-Plus, who is also currently selling an ear opening compilation CD sponsored by HumanBeatbox.com.
'Human Element' Compilation CD
Entitled Human Element, the album features 13 tracks of raw beatbox from some of the scene's biggest names as well as an audio cameo from Q-Bert!  These are an extremely limited edition pressing and at only $19.99 plus shipping, they're not gonna be around for long.  For more information, contact A-Plus or click here to see the track listing and purchase your copy while the stocks last.

On the other side of your planet, the Aussie Beatbox Alliance (whose members include our girl, Hopey-One) has kicked off its tour with Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets.  Passing through Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, those interested should contact Hopey for more information.
Hopey & Co, hitting the road

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