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To Each his own

If you're into the a cappella scene and don't live under a rock, then you'll know who The Magnets are.  If you're not into the scene and/or do live under a rock, then you may not have heard of Andy Frost.  Let us enlighten you.

buy Andy's DVD at our online store Andy Frost is The Magnets' resident vocal percussionist "who keeps a timed track with the accuracy of an atomic clock..."  He recently decided to reveal the vocal percussion and beatbox techniques he uses in The Magnets and his solo performances by releasing a DVD.

Andy Frost: The Complete Vocal Percussionist is now available via our online store.  Pick up a copy and learn the individual building blocks of how to build up a beat, as well as how to put them all together to create your own vocal percussion grooves.

The DVD also includes live footage of Andy's amazing vocal percussion solos, plus a performance with The Magnets and with a band of musicians.

Andy rocks!  Pick up a copy of his DVD and you'll see and hear why.

Each and Rahzel Continuing with our series of one-on-ones with our sponsored artists; have a look and listen to the latest addition to our family: Mike "Each" Tinoco.

Find out why being nervous is normal and how his 'Superman Scratch' got its name.  You can also hear the exclusive MP3 Each blessed us with, featuring his rendition of "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)".  Golden.

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