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"The Year of the 5th"

CBGB's February 17th sees Beatboxer Ent. Live presenting The Year of the 5th at CBGB's Gallery 313 Bowery, NYC.  The show starts at 9:00pm, so be sure to get there on time to see DOA, Kid Lucky, Chesney Snow, Shockwave, Itsrealight, Ben Zviti, D-Cross, Taylor McFerrin, Masai Electro, Shyndigg, Semerock, Alex and some surprise guests.  Bill Etra will be there, doing the live video thing and you know it's gonna be dope 'cause Kid Lucky's directing this himself.

For those of you traveling in large groups of one, entry will cost $5.  However, those few of you loners with 4 friends or more will get a discount.  For guest list info please call 718-484-7856 or email Kid Lucky.

Killa Kela's HQ Tomorrow also sees Killa Kela kick off a bunch of UK dates plus a sojourn to St. Petersburg. The first gig's in Reading so if you haven't already peeped Kela's new show (featuring combinations and permutations of DJ Skeletrik, MC Trip, Rookwood, Spider J and The Elysian String Quartet!) then you best get down there or visit Kela's site for the updated lowdown.

© SilentBoom Productions, courtesy of www.poizunus.com If you can't for one reason or another get outta your armchair but are still in need of a beatbox fix, check out this MuchVibe commercial featuring Poizunus. This is currently airing across Canada on MuchVibe & MuchMusic and is most definitely worth a watch.

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