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get your copy of the "Human Element" CD today! We've stocked up on beatbox DVDs and have a number of titles back in stock for your viewing and listening pleasure.  If that wasn't enough (and we felt it wasn't), there's even more ear candy coming to you folks via the mic(ism)® online store in the form of the "Human Element" CD. This is, apparently, the World's first beatbox compilation and since it arrived at mic(ism)® HQ it has been on constant rotation! Unfortunately, we only have 25 copies so it's first come, first served.  Don't end up being customer #26, 'cause you know how we hate to see you folks sad.

Blue Note, NYC If CDs and DVDs just don't do it for you and you're more of a live music cat, then be sure to check out Taylor McFerrin and his band 'Cell Theory' at the Blue Note, NYC on March 12th.  Table reservations are only $8 so book today.  We will even hook you up with directions.  Damn, we're good to y'all!

mic(ism)® loves Poland, so visit the Beatbox.pl Team's website Over to Europe and welcoming you all to Gdansk, Poland is Beatbox.pl Team.  This recently founded group is the first ever Polish beatbox crew, consisting of the crème de la crème of the Polish beatbox scene.  On March 16th, the 11 strong crew will host a beatboxing festival in Gdansk - the first one of its kind to be held in Poland, to best of our knowledge.

If you're of a Polish persuasion you can read more about this event here.  If, however, you're somewhat lacking in the second language department yet would like to know more, contact Soonday and get hooked up in English.

visit BeatboxBattle.org Keeping with the EuroBox™ theme, our man Bee Low from Beatbox Battle Networks recently announced the 1st Hungarian Beatbox Battle.  This event is being organized by Mista Noz "and his friends" and will be held in Miskolc, Hungary on March 19th.  Hungary is now the latest chapter to have joined Beatbox Battle Networks.  It's official!  Remember folks; you heard it here second.

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