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The International Beatbox Association

We're proud to unveil a project which has been in the pipeline for as long as we can remember. The world's first international beatbox agency, sporting and supporting beatboxers worldwide: the IBA.

visit the offical site of the IBA Created and developed as an online portal, the IBA allows those wishing to book beatboxers to do so 24/7, 365 days a year.  Best of all, the IBA is completely free to join and use; paid for in full by mic(ism). There are no signup or agency fees and no cuts or percentages of earnings taken from work gotten through the IBA.

All the money you make is yours to keep.

The main idea behind the IBA is to aid beatboxers in getting paid work and thereby to help beatboxing attain the public level of credibility as a musical art form deserved of remuneration, as already enjoyed by more mainstream instrumentation. In other words, if other artists are getting paid why shouldn't you?

If you are a professional, gigging beatboxer, please take the time to read more about the IBA here.  Signing up couldn't be simpler.  All that's required is a valid email address, a decent photograph, a showcasing MP3 and a few minutes to complete your online profile.  It'll be 5 minutes well spent.

On Sunday, July 24th 2005, 8 beatboxers from across the UK will battle it out for the title of UK Beatbox Champion 2005.  The competitors in Sunday's grand final have earned their places through their dominance of the regional heats which have been held up and down the country over the past few months.

visit the official site of the UK Beatbox Championships 2005 The only remaining heat is being held in London directly before the grand final, where the 1st and 2nd place prizes include some mic(ism) booty. Details of the London heat, including a list of those competing) can be found here.

Whoever comes in 1st and 2nd at this London heat will automatically qualify for the grand final and the opportunity to win a sponsorship from mic(ism). Not a bad prize at all, even if we do say so ourselves. Check out details of the grand final (including a list of the finalists) here.

The winner of 'The UK Championships 2005' will automatically qualify for the International Beatbox Battle being held in Germany in September.  More details of this event coming soon!

visit The Sidebar Tavern's website for details On the following Saturday, July 30th 2005, beatboxer Shodekeh will be hosting (together with The Bikini Artist) and performing at 'The Red Light Special'; a fashion/rock benefit for Ann Metz, R.N., author of Adventures in Chemotherapy.

This event will feature the designs of Meredith Page (Stitches for Bitches), Nicolette La Fay, Emily Fater- Murray and Rachel Ann Warren, as well as the music of The Lexington Arrows, Mongoloidian Glow and The Headwounds.

This incredibly worthwhile event is being held at The Sidebar in Baltimore, Maryland.  As Shodekeh himself put it: "Beautiful women modeling to the sounds of the vocal boom-baps." Need we say more?

Shockwave and Freestyle Love Supreme Another entry for your diaries: the theatre/music group Freestyle Love Supreme will be performing a run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from August 5th to 29th 2005.

Freestyle Love Supreme's resident beatboxer is none other than Beatboxer Entertainment and NYC's own Shockwave, so there's no doubt as to the beatboxing credentials of this event, which incidentally has been performed at the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen, Colorado and enjoyed a 4 month run as an off-Broadway production.

Click here for advance tickets and more info about the culture-rich Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

From all of us here at mic(ism) to Freestyle Love Supreme, "break a leg", and to Shockwave, "break a mic"!

Staying on the Scottish theme, on June 19th Adam Matta put together a beatbox event at the Living Room, NYC featuring himself, Masai Electro, Rahj and Taylor McFerrin.

check out Adam Matta's IBA profile This show will be aired (and subsequently downloadable) on BBC Radio Scotland sometime within the next few weeks as part of the Celtic Connections: The New York Sessions music series.

To listen to the show, click on the previous link and then on "Listen Now" near the top of the page.  Then in the new window which pops up, simply scroll down and click the link for "The New York Sessions".  The radio show from that week should then play automatically.

Tommy Boy Fulfillment, 2005 Adam's not been resting on his laurels.  He is also appearing on two tracks on the new Tommy Boy Records release, The L Word, The Second Season: Sessions.  This soundtrack album is from the hit Showtime television series which Adam leant his beatbox skills to back in 2004.

For more info on Adam, check out his website.

If you're looking for a quick-fix, check out The 36 Chambers of Shaolin - Poizun Styles video from Poizunus.  Can you say Tongue-Fu?

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