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Online Store and HipHop-Battles.com

Our online store is finally up and running!  It definitely took some time, but we think it's been worth the wait.  It's as secure as online shopping gets, so you can all start purchasing truck-loads of clothing from the comfort of your homes (or local Internet cafés) with total peace of mind.

Also newly opened is HipHop-Battles where you can battle away to your heart's content or just listen to others mouthing off at each other.  We've dipped deep into our pockets and bought them a decent forum too, so feel free to wander on in there and write lovely things about us.

Not much other news from us, except to say that there are myriad new designs and products about to be released, as well as some more content on the site, so check back here periodically to see what's new or alternatively keep an eye out for these mail shots.


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