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New mic(ism) collection out now!

It's finally here!  Our new collection is now ready to ship and on sale via our online store.  Plenty of classic and zipped hoodies, t-shirts and girls' tees for y'all to wear whilst "getting yo' mic on!"

Worth a special mention is our new customizable upc hoodie.  We've put this together for those of you who have contacted us in the past looking for customized garments.  Now you can rock a dope mic(ism) hoodie with your own text, flock appliquéd onto the front!

buy "Foundations" at our online store We've also got in the eagerly awaited second pressing of Beatbox.Tv's Foundations DVD.  We love the updated artwork; buy "Mouth Drumming" at our online store it makes all the difference having that crisp mic(ism) logo on the back.

Unfortunately, there's no mic(ism) logo on Wes Carroll's Mouth Drumming: Volume One - Introduction to Vocal Percussion DVD, but don't let that put you off.  We're now stocking this DVD at our online store so it goes without saying that it's a quality product: 65 minutes of 'rewind pause' tuition from the House Jacks' stunningly talented VP.  Please do not sleep on this!

Dutch Beatbox Battle 2005 If you're living in The Netherlands and have already watched Foundations and Mouth Drumming, then you'll most likely be entering this year's Dutch Beatbox Battle, being held on Saturday 2nd July.

We're sponsoring the event so the beatboxers coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be blessed with prizes from our new collection.  Talk about motivation!  For those that made the mistake of not buying any tutorial DVDs and as such will not be entering/winning, don't worry: you'll be able to buy plenty of mic(ism) gear at the event, too.

Want more info? Check the official site for details.

UK heads looking to battle and those who do like to be beside the seaside should head to Brighton on Sunday 3rd July.  There you'll find the All Elements Battle Jam which for the second year running includes our favorite element (along with breaking, popping, locking, emceeing, deejaying and graffing).

All Elements Battle Jam
After the battles are over and the mic debris has been swept away, there'll be a special screening of the iconic hip hop film Wildstyle at 9:30pm.

To enter the battle contact Suspense. For further details visit the official site.

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