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New mic(ism) collection out now!

It's finally here! Our brand new collection is now on sale and available from, amongst other places, our mictastic online store.

As well as all the latest t-shirts and hoodies (including our new shinhatsubai design, pictured here), we've also got some brand new accessories, bags and hats coming out in the very near future. Keep an eye on our websites and mailshots for further details.

In the meantime, be sure to pick up some of the new gear so you be looking as fresh as those beats you be spittin'.

We recently started putting together the first elements of our MySpace, but it's still early days and we haven't quite made it truly ours just yet. Still, check us and we'll check you back.

Adam Matta recently finished a shoot for the New York City TV program, Art or Something Like It! The show will air in October on CUNY-TV (cable, ch. 75) in the 5 boros. For further info, check out the show's MySpace.

If you haven't already got a copy of Adam's acclaimed album, Rage Against the Drum Machine, it's available at our online store along with the equally dope, Live at the Living Room DVD, featuring Adam, Masai Electro, Taylor McFerrin and RAHJ.

IsWhat?! just dropped their new album, The Life We Chose, on Hyena Records. As on their debut, You Figure It Out, the core of IsWhat?!'s sound is still based upon the human beatbox rhythms of Napoleon Maddox (aka Napoleon Solo) and Walker's sharp, incendiary horn lines. However, this time around they've built upon their ideas with help from a vast cadre of friends and special guests, including Hamid Drake, Piakhan, Animal Crackers, Claire Daily, Ming & FS, Roy Campbell Jr, Fatal Prose, Lewis "Flip" Barnes, Daniela Castro and others.

The album is in stores everywhere now and the guys are on the road. For tour dates, check out our events diary. For further information, visit the Hyena Records website or check out IsWhat?!'s MySpace.

In other album news, Have Mic Will Travel, Carpetface's new album featuring beatboxer, Audible Porno, is now avalable on iTunes. For more info, visit the official Carpetface website.

If buying a whole album's too much of a commitment for you, then you're in luck because Roman Beats has hooked up some custom Real Tones. You have to have a compatible phone to take advantage of these ringtones, but if you do then you can download them here.

If you're not album-shy and you haven't already done so, pick up a copy of Roman's debut album, I'm the BEATBOXER, They're the RAPPERS.

Lastly, after a wait of 1½ years and hundreds of hours of hard work, HipHop-Battles.com v2.0 is finally online!

The upgrade offers many new features which will make battling online at HipHop-Battles.com much more fun. These include a new design, faster web server and the all new Graffiti Arena. The advent of this new arena means that you can now pit your graphical art skills against those of other writers from around the world.

There are, of course, myriad other new features which would take up far too much space if we mentioned them all here. Instead, take the time to find out for yourself by visiting the #1 online battle site, HipHop-Battles.com, today!

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