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LipBiz now in stock and on sale at micism-store.com

Sam Rogers a.k.a. The One Mouth Band is about to make you a better beatboxer...

This remarkable, multi-faceted artist from California has created the World's first ever professional lip lubricant for VPs, beatboxers and other vocal musicians.

LipBiz is slightly larger than your average lip balm; engineered for a very different purpose.  This is the first lip product designed to lubricate the lips for beatboxing and other instrumental imitation.  Applied just before a performance (using the built-in roll-on applicator), this light, minty-tasting oil will help keep your lips in top shape for rapid fire music making!

  • Apply to lips.
  • Bust a groove.
  • Reapply as needed.
LipBiz is the perfect accompaniment to our own mic(ism)® après beatbox lip balm™; together they'll keep your lips in optimal condition before, during and after each performance!

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