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Keeping the beatbox to the grindstone...

screenshot courtesy of Beatbox.Tv After a long wait your patience has been rewarded and the Beatbox.Tv Foundations DVD is back in stock at our online store.  If you missed picking up a copy last time it was in stock, don't make the same mistake twice.  Aside from the tutorials there's plenty of other beatbox footage and shorts to keep you entertained.  This is one DVD which you will enjoy watching again and again.  A real gem.

So what have Max B and Berry B been up to recently?  Check out the new and improved Beatbox.Tv - Representing Beat Culture to see what's been keeping the guys so busy lately.

image courtesy of VerbalBeats Are you a producer who loves beatbox but hasn't quite got what it takes when it comes to laying it down in the studio?  Well Jase has just what you need in the form of VerbalBeats Vol. 1.  This loop/sample CD is the first to contain 100% beatbox and vocals.  There are plans to produce many such CDs showcasing the talents of today's top professional beatboxers, so if you're interested in featuring on a future VerbalBeats contact Jase or visit the site for info.  VerbalBeats - "Speak Your Music".

visit www.bbbmag.comYou people have most certainly been working hard...  Not only has Poizunus been getting back into the battle scene, he's also been working on a few tracks for the upcoming Beatbox Battle Networks' mixtape.  The release date of the mixtape is slated for mid to late May and to coincide with this Beatbox Battle Networks are releasing a few videos to accompany featured tracks.  While you're waiting for those to surface, check out this SuperMario inspired taster clip from Poizunus.

Another man keeping his beatbox to the grindstone is Shodekeh, who's now the house beatboxer for two venues on a weekly basis in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.  Sundays see him featuring as part of "The Smoking Word Revolution" at The Sylvan Beach Cafe from 7:30pm.  Mondays he's a part of "Slamicide!" at Xando's from 8pm. For more detailed information, contact the man himself and get yourself to these nights.  A 'boxer this hardworking and talented deserves your support!

visit www.humanbeatbox.com Chances are you're not as hardworking as Max B, Berry B, Jase, Poizunus or Shodekeh.  So, if you're not busy this Saturday, May 7th, make your way to Bar Unlimited in Bristol, UK where the (also hardworking) HumanBeatbox.com team are presenting Make Some Noise '05.

Catch TyTe, Hobbit, A-Plus, yasSon, BeatMuppet and other famous names doing their thing.  There'll be an open mic (for beatboxing, of course), a beatbox battle, a hints'n'tips forum and as if that isn't enough, Banardo will be there flexing his deejay muscles.

If you fancy your chances at the open mic and/or battle, put your details down here.  Entry's £5 and the event is open to all ages.  The action's scheduled for between 8pm and 12am, but the bar closes at 1am, so get there when the doors open at 7pm so you'll have plenty of drinking time in which to get rowdy and ask TyTe to sign your copy of Learn to Beatbox Vol.1!  ;)

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