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After receiving numerous requests from you, our sporters and supporters, we've started accepting PayPal at our online store.

Good news travels fast, but in case you haven't already heard, a new sponsored artist has joined our ranks.  As such, we're proud to officially welcome Roman Beats to the mic(ism) family!

You probably already know that this battle verteran and studio pro recently raised the game with his debut, I'm the BEATBOXER, They're the RAPPERS, released in association with our media division, Made on a Mic.

However, there's most likely an awful lot you don't know about the airtablist. Being the fine purveyors of edutainment that we are, we caught up with Roman to shoot the breeze on your behalf.  Check out the brand new interview here.

More good news for those of you into live beatbox shows. Our main site now features an events diary.

If you're a performer who wants their gigs listed, please submit the details here. If, on the other hand, you're looking for beatbox shows in your area (or worldwide), search for them via the events diary itself.

The 2006 UK Humanbeatbox Championships are almost upon us! As always this is going to be a mic(ism) sponsored event, so be sure not to miss the action taking place at Ill Commotion @ Cargo in London.

Eight beatboxers will take part in the London Heat and compete to win the last available place in the Finals. Then the eight finalists will go on to battle it out to find a new UK Humanbeatbox Champion! Email the organizers for more info.

This year's Scribble Jam Beatbox Battle is also a mic(ism) sponsored event, taking place on August 12th at Annie's Nightclub, 4343 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati.

This is the second day of the main event and from 2pm - 2am, apart from the beatbox element, there'll also be emcee, b-boy/girl and deejay battles, as well as a graffiti expo, numerous live performances and a festival, featuring Jel, Brother Ali, Glue, plus many more TBA. To sign up for the battle, contact Kevin. For more info, visit SJ06's main site and MySpace, or email them for details.

The commercial on the left, created by Yesenia Hernnandez and Scott Wellington, features Miami hip hop/worldbeats band, Brimstone127, whose members include beatboxer, Jase, of VerbalBeats.

The clip sees the band vibing in the new Toyota Yaris. However, just as they're getting ready to roll, they're rudely awakened by reality...

Support Jase by voting to get this commercial on TV. Simply click the green button in the bottom right corner and you'll be transported to the site where you can "give it a greenlight".

Shodekeh is now the resident beatboxer for Mic Life, a hip hop open mic and feature spot hosted by The Lyrical Leviathan. Held every Thursday night at The Upper Deck in Baltimore, MD, the night also features the talents of DJ Venom on the ones and twos.

This September, Shodekeh will also be the first beatboxer granted a full year's residency at the Patapsco High School and Center For The Arts, providing rhythms for the Magnet School's dance department. For info on all the above, check out Shodekeh's MySpace.

Toronto beatboxer, Poizunus, has been featured on the Kunta Kinte Conscious Clothing Mixtape Vol.3. The album, which has been dubbed, "Africa’s most progressive mixtape", has been hailed as the greatest accomplishment and contribution to the contemporary African urban music landscape.

Need some persuasion to pick up the mixtape? Check out the footage of Poizunus from the MTV Live show that went down in April.

Finally, if you haven't already seen it, check out Kid Lucky's very own 'Skype story', Music to my mouth, where he talks about using Skype to jam with beatboxers around the world. With The Kid, the sky's the limit. With online jams, Skype is.

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