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From Austria to the Bay Area...

The 2004 Austrian Beatbox Championship is being held on Friday, 11th June in Vienna.  Both the overall winner of the competition as well as the recipient of the title 'Best Newcomer', will receive a whole load of mic(ism)® goodies.  "Won't somebody please think of the children!?" We already did: the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners in the Junior Battle will also receive some mic(ism)® niceness.

A bit last minute, but Tuesday, 1st June (tomorrow) is the date of The Vowel Movement's first birthday! Not to be missed if you're in or around San Francisco's Bay Area.  Hosted by Tim Barsky and Kid Beyond, this month's installment promises beatbox juggling, beatbox yo-yoing and beatbox theatre (courtesy of Yuri Lane)! All this along with new material from Kid Beyond as well as the talents of Each, Process and Felonious' own Infinite and Soulati.  With all this, who needs birthday cake?

Lastly, we'd like to ask a small favor.  We're currently building a new site and are looking for good quality photographs of you folks out there, sporting and supporting mic(ism)® worldwide.  So, if you've got a good snapshot of yourself, a friend or Justin TimberlakeTM wearing some mic(ism)® garms, please send them on over to info@micism.com, along with a sentence or two about who you are, where the pic was taken, et cetera.  We may even put together a nice package for whoever sends in the best photo...

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