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Entertainer's Secret and the 3rd German Beatbox Battle Final

Shhh, it's the Entertainer's Secret We've got a new product on sale in our online store!

This new item, Entertainer's Secret, is perfect for when you've overdone it a bit (beatboxing-wise) or when allergies and other respiratory problems make your throat dry and sore and your voice all scratchy and hoarse.  Sure, drinking plenty of water helps a lot, but it's often the case that you need that little something extra.

Now available in honey apple flavor, this unique, easy to use, non-medicinal throat spray supplements natural throat moisturizers.  It comforts, soothes and restores vocal quality; safely, quickly and effectively.

After a couple of uses, you'll wonder how you did without it.  Just don't be put off by the fact that notable users of this product include Jon BonJovi and Barry Manilow!

German Beatbox Battle flyer Thankfully, neither Jon nor Barry will be performing at the 3rd Official German Beatbox Battle Final, to be held in Berlin on May 7th 2005. Instead, those in attendance will be blessed with the skills of Germany's most talented beatboxers, all of whom will be competing for that now infamous golden Shure SM58 and a selection of mic(ism)® prizes.

For further info, please contact BBN.

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