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Click88, Adam Matta and Yuri Lane

check out the Click88 interview Have you ever wanted to know more about the beatboxers we sponsor?

Check out the first in a series of interviews with our sponsored artists, starting with the one and only Click88, previously known as Click tha Supah Latin.

Find out why everything he does always reverts back to hip hop and how he won his first battle back in the ninth grade...

view flyer If that gets you in the mood for some live beatbox, be sure to check out the free jazz/beatbox combination of Adam Matta together with renowned saxophonist Matana Roberts and special guests at Pianos, NYC on August 30th.

Part of the Get Laid Before Labor Day arts benefit, the show is from 9-10pm with tickets priced at just $5.

If you can't make it to Adam's gig on the 30th, be sure to catch him at the Powernoise I.D.M. Big Beat Industrial event in Lowell, MA on September 2nd.  This second show starts at 8pm, is open to all ages, with tickets priced at $15.

More on Adam Matta can be found at his website.

visit Yuri Lane Another entry for your beatbox diary: Yuri Lane will soon be performing a new show in Chicago.  Entitled Soundtrack City, Chicago, the show opens on September 8th at the Viaduct Theatre.

Yuri will also be performing From Tel Aviv to Ramallah around college campuses from the Fall. Starting at the University of Illinois on September 21st, this production will continue running through to 2006.

See Yuri's site for further details on these and all his other live dates.

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