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Caps, bags and beatbox lads

Ok, so we've finally gotten round to putting out a mailshot. Apologies for the relative quiet of late, but we've been up to our eyeballs in new collections, fashion weeks and various media frenzies! We know you've missed us, but better late than never, eh?

In case you haven't already seen them, we've added mic(ism) embroidered Original Flexfit® Flat Visor™ Premium Edition and Army caps to our online store's catalogue.

In other store news: you spoke and we listened. (Well, you moaned about your luxury problems and we feigned sympathy.) After hearing so many of you pros complain how expensive it is to take a person on tour with you just to hold your water bottle on stage, we developed the AquaPack™.

You can now free up your hype hand and save money on hiring water-minions! Wearing your liquid refreshment (eg. water, appletini, etc.) on your back means there's no longer any need to hold drinks in your non-mic hand or leave cups, bottles or martini glasses lying around on stage. Shaped for comfort and perfect to wear during any performance - onstage or whilst out beatbusking - this pro rucksack includes a replaceable bladder with a capacity of three liters. That's a lot of appletini.

As if that wasn't enough, we're now offering a new DVD Deal available at our online store. Get your hands on our most popular beatbox tutorials and enjoy some of the best beatboxing Europe has to offer whilst saving yourself $5!

Once you've spent all your wages/pocket money at our online store, be sure to stop by our main site and check out new interviews with two of our sponsored artists. Anointed S has been down with us since day one, but the guy is so successful that it took us this long to find a gap in his busy schedule to pin him down and ask him some questions. We think it was worth the wait, so enjoy a glimpse into the world of the Anointed one!

Alongside this is an interview with one of our new sponsored artists. Hobbit was one of the first customers to part with his hard-earned cash at our online store when it opened in back in 2004, but that was just the start of a relationship that has truly blossomed. We're now proud to have Hobbit as a fully fledged member of the ever-growing mic(ism) family.

We've also welcomed Baltimore resident, Shodekeh, to the fold. Keep your eyes peeled for his interview, coming soon!

Speaking of Hobbit, he and his band, The Austin Francis Connection, are now among the six finalists of MusicFinity's Ultimate Showcase 2007. If you're in the UK, help them progress even further in the competition by texting "Band F" to 81581.

They need this to fund their Twister addictions.

The original bearded beatboxer, Carpetface, has been hard at work as usual. Immediately after releasing the Spread it Around / Realeyesation single on Valentine's Day, he and the Newbias crew set out on a two week tour around the French Alps, taking their live mic skills to the snowboard set.

Back at sea level, Carpetface is now hard at work on his Amateur Boxing EP and is looking for talented beatboxers to get in touch with him if they would like to be on the record - taking part in live jams together with him and his right hand beatbox, Audible Porno.

The essence of the project, which will be released on Newbias Records and available on iTunes and CD, is about mic sharing and collaboration, rather than battling/self-promotion. Carpetface is looking for artists that ask not what beatboxing can do for them, but what they can do for beatboxing. He told us,

"For me it's always been about experimentation and ad libs with friends...and I think we all need to hear an album reflecting this. [...] There's an intimate human element to it that when done well makes any person stop and appreciate, and in many ways it can be viewed as hip-hop culture's most instantly engaging ambassador to the unblessed ear. [...] Anyway battle vibes aren't always necessary to judge talent...I want the interplay on the Amateur Boxing EP to make people smile."

Lastly, our man from San Fran, Each, recently released his long-awaited CD, The Beat Within, together with producers Matt "Cubik" Kent-Stoll and George "Origami" Cochrane.

The album has received rave reviews and critical acclaim, but don't just believe the hype. Find out for yourself by picking up a copy today!

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