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buy humanbeatbox.com presents: video magazine 01 at our online store Humanbeatbox.com's new DVD offering, Video Magazine 01, is now available through our online store.

Featuring 16 showcases, 5 battles, a 5 part beatboxing documentary, an interview with yasSon, as well as 21 new tutorials and beatboxing demos! That's over 90 minutes of beatboxing! Another must have from TyTe & Co.

On August 14th, our man Shodekeh will be phonoboxing at "The Smokin' Word Revolution" in Baltimore, MD (where he's the house beatboxer every Sunday night).

Drawing on influences and inspiration from such artists as John Cage, Rob Swift, Sine Jensen, DJ Premier, Andy Kaufman, DJ Craze and Baltimore beatboxing partner-in-crime, Kenny Liner, Shodekeh has found a voice for himself by beatboxing to vinyl.

By interacting with the recorded material he brings forth live rhythmic renditions and interpretations of everything from Soca (his signature Socalise rhythm style) to "The Blue Danube".

Shout outs to Monkey Moo from Shodekeh for coming up with his own idea of bringing the turntables and beatboxing together through scratching and vocal boom baps (which he presented at the 2003 Human Beatbox Convention)!

visit StudioZ.tv for details On August 18th, Beatboxer Entertainment Inc. presents Rahzel and The Vowel Movement at StudioZ.tv in San Francisco, CA.

For a measly $10 you'll get schooled and entertained by The Godfather of Noyze, Kid Lucky, Infinite & Soulati, Each, Tim Barsky and SyZyGy! Beatbox 'til your ears fall off...

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