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The a cappella fella and Thailand's most wanted

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check out Chesney Snow's IBA profile Over in Thailand, a hard beatbox track is blazing the airwaves courtesy of Chesney Snow a.k.a. MochaSnow. The tune is named Doown and is taken from the group Thaitanium's latest hit album, Thailand's Most Wanted.

The track which has been released as a single has become a hit in Thailand, snatching up the #5 spot on MTV Thailand's Top 10 chart, in no small part thanks to Chesney's indubitable skills.  Word to Chesney: another mic broken!

Collaborations really do seem to be coming thick and fast this month. Shodekeh has just recently joined the live instrumentations of the Rhythm'n'Blues band, Lightfoot; essentially the newly assembled ensemble's drum section.

Taking full advantage of Shodekeh's mouth drumming skills, Lightfoot also implements elements of Reggae, Go-Go and Soca (one of Shodekeh's signature drumming styles).

The group is currently performing within the Washington D.C./Maryland area. As their momentum builds they'll be extending their rocking further a field; if you're lucky, to a city near you. Contact Shodekeh for info on upcoming gigs.

Down in Venezuela, a talented VP (and director of the vocal band, XCORE) named Alejandro "Alex" Level hosts a weekly radio show dedicated entirely to a cappella music. The show, entitled Acappellando, has been running for almost four years now on the University of Los Andes' station, ULA 107.7FM.

listen to the "Acappellando" showAlex has appealed to us to ask you to send him tracks of your mouth music for him to play on his show.  All submissions should be on CD and sent to:

Alejandro Level, Programa "Acappellando"
Av. 3 entre calles 29 y 30, Edif. Eva, Piso 1
Merida, 5101, Venezuela.

Whether you contribute some of your own tracks or not, tune in online to Alex's show, every Sunday at 5:00pm (Venezuelan time).

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