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A beatboxer leading "Life as a Monkey"

get your copy of Joe's CD at micism-store.com Joe Driscoll's Life as a Monkey CD has just gone on sale in our online store.  A collection of live recordings from two shows at the Monkey House in Winooski, Vermont, this album is virtually all Joe solo (apart from four tracks which feature some improvisation by DJ Transplante, the Monkey's resident deejay).

No drum machines or any pre-recorded beats - just a guitar, a didgeridoo, a voice, live looping and some great songs!

visit Yuri's website On the actual live tip, Chicago's favourite human beatbox, Yuri Lane, will be putting on a performance of his From Tel Aviv to Ramallah: A Beatbox Journey, the hip-hop play about the lives of young people in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This free performance will take place today, April 6th, on the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois.  The show will begin at 7pm and will take place in Room L285 of the EPASW Building, 1040 W. Harrison St. (at Morgan).

Yuri is also performing at the Hothouse on Tuesday, April 11th at 8pm, along with MC Witness, the live bass grooves of Lorin Cohen and the fat beats of DJ Grimmace. Don't miss the hilarity or the beats!  There will also be live video projections courtesy of artist, Sharif Ezzat, whose live visuals also accompany From Tel Aviv to Ramallah: A Beatbox Journey.

check out Adam's IBA profile Adam Matta will also be performing tonight, April 6th, at NYC's Knitting Factory Old Office at 8pm, together with Julz A, hip hop accordion (!) maestro.  A friend of Julz', Andrew Scandal, challenged Adam to a beatbox face-off, so join them as they beatbox their faces off!

Adam will then be doing his solo thing, as well as his duo thing with Aaron Comess, at Galapagos on April 23rd. A double bill not to be missed!

Staying on the East Coast, Beatboxer Entertainment will be performing at Converse's Tribute to Hip Hop Culture on April 8th at the Warehouse, Washington D.C., on April 21st at Webster Hall, NYC and on April 29th at the African American Museum, Philadelphia.

check out the video blog Also, on April 9th, Beatboxer Entertainment's NYC Subway Series continues on the back of the A Train! The meeting point is the back end of the A Train platform, on the Uptown side, at the legendary 125th Street subway station at 6pm. The party will go on all the way up to 207 and then back down to Broadway Nassau for a monster jam session in the passenger tunnels. You just know the acoustics are gonna be great!

Remember, the Subway Series is not just for beatboxers; so if you're an emcee, b-boy, spoken word artists, R'n'B or gospel singer, then this is still one train you do not wanna miss! For more info on any of the above events, contact Kid.

And if you didn't already know that BBE works all the angles, check out the short film Kid co-produced and beatboxed on (together with Beatboxer Entertainment stars, SemeRock, Baba Isreal, Adam Matta, D-Cross and Chesney Snow) for MTV Networks.  Currently airing on MTV Asia, the short's called The Beatbox Family and follows a boyfriend as he visits his girlfriend at home for the first time, only to find out that the entire family speaks in beatbox!

view the full size flyer Back to reality, it doesn't get more real than Vokushin', Orlando's monthly vocal percussion and beatbox showcase, hosted by resident Florida beatboxers, Rubox Cube and RomanBeats.  As well as these two greats, the next Vokushin' will also see performances from Effex, Chaz, White Mike and VerbalBeats' Jase.   There'll also be surprise guest emcees, deejays, musicians and more.  Plus, if you're interested in showcasing your own voxbox skills, there'll be an open mic for you to sign up for.

The culture starts at 9pm on April 11th at Naturas, 39 S. Magnolia Ave.  Entrance is free, but donations are welcome.  For more info contact Scott on 407 719 4784.

visit Kela's website and forum Over in the UK, Killa Kela's attack on mainstream society begins on April 24th with the release of the multivocalistic Secrets, the first major single from his current album, Elocution.  As it's being released as an ECD, 12", Limited Edition 7" and digital download, you've got no excuse why not to rush out and buy at least one copy Secrets.

Check out the promo clip (and the "making of" video) starring the man himself; featuring a supporting cast of trees, legs, a swimming pool, an old man and the obligatory token SWAT team.

watch "Secrets" If the clip gives you a Kela jones, be sure to catch Kela and Spit Kingdom live at Scala in London on April 11th.  This is the full Spit Kingdom show, promising to be one of Kela's most experimental yet.  Weeks of rehearsal and brand new experimental material guarantee a special occasion that won't be repeated, so get your tickets now!

While you're at it, pick up some tickets for Kela's show at The Plug on April 28th, alongside DJ Premier and DJ Format.  You know it makes sense!

visit the Freestyle Love Supreme website What most definitely is no longer a secret is that New York's Freestyle Love Supreme, featuring beatboxer Shockwave, put on some of the best live performances out there!  As part of the 20th Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Shockwave et al. are Downunder, performing a host of shows from April 13th to May 7th.

This is an excellent opportunity for those in the vicinity to see FLS, so do whatcha gotta do to make sure you're in the audience when the entertainment goes down!

check out Shodekeh's IBA profile Meanwhile, on April 22nd, Shodekeh will be rocking the crowd together with vocal percussionist Dave Baumgartner at Elizabethtown College, presenting a vocal double threat for Melica's Spring Show.  For more info click here.  E-Town will never be the same again!

In other news, thanks to his success in providing the beats for the Level 1 Modern Dance class at Towson University, Shodekeh is now also the musical accompanist for instructor Keith Thomas' Level 2 Ballet class.

more information is available at AtlHipHopFilmFest.com Back to the street and the 2006 AHFF Block Party which is happening on April 29th in Atlanta, GA.  If you think you've got skills, join them for a day of fierce competitions between emcees, deejays, b-people (that's the politically correct term, right?) and of course, beatboxers. Go get your crown and battle with competitors from around the world in front of celebrity judges!

The prizes being awarded to the winners of the battles include studio time, produced tracks, various gift certificates, celebrity autographed boxing gloves, clothing, hard cold cash and more.  If that sounds good to you, you'd better get a move on because the entrants' deadline is tomorrow, April 7th, but we're guessing it'll be okay if you enter ASAP.  All submissions should be mailed to Attn: Block Party, 8200 Mall Parkway Ste. 135-227, Lithonia, GA 30058.

Watch Bee Low TV Last, but definitely not least: Bee Low TV is now on air!  Check out Bee Low's new streaming hip hop magazine, Bee Low TV.  This new project from the beatboxer that brought you Beatbox Battle Networks provides fresh interviews in high quality streaming video.

The current issue features beatboxer Zeero, from Germany's Uppercutz Crew.  Chapters #1-5 are in German, but Chapter #6 is in English, so there's something for everyone (unless you don't speak German or English, in which case you're unlikely to be reading this).  That's all folks!  Goodbye.

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